Care & Feeding of Your Exile Kitchenware

While the tree this lumber has come from is no longer alive, your wooden kitchenware still needs nourishment.  Exile kitchenware has gone through a rigorous, multi-stage conditioning process in anticipation of being used and abused.  Woods specially picked for their durability, and anti-microbial properties have been finished with natural, food safe oils and waxes to enhance beauty and utility.  This also means (unlike many other wooden kitchenware companies), Exile Kitchenware needs no initial conditioning.  With minimal maintenance, these functional wood accessories are capable of lasting decades.  

Any food safe oils and/or waxes (excluding those that spoil at room temperature) will revitalize your wooden kitchenware as it begins to show use, however, in an effort to keep maintenance as simple as possible, Exile Woodworking offers the same all-natural home-made conditioning paste that was initially applied, for purchase in the online store.

As the luster begins to fade from your kitchenware with use (surfaces appear dull, perhaps a little 'fuzzy'), simply rub some conditioning paste on with a clean rag or paper towel, allow it to soak in for 15 -ish minutes, and wipe off excess paste.  

Lastly, it should not need mentioning - but lets do it anyway...  At NO time should any wooden kitchenware (including utensils) go into a dishwasher.